Our Mission

Quality, Quality & Quality!

At The Pure Bottle, we eat, sleep and breathe excellence, seeking to provide nothing but the best to our people. In fact, we will never sell you anything until we are one hundred percent convinced that this is the product we will use on ourselves. Moreover, our team strives for transcendence not only in the quality of our oils but even in its packaging. Our oils are packed in dark amber glass bottles, which ensures that light does not disrupt the oils’ integrity and individual properties. Right from the box we put our oil in to the actual oil, we can guarantee you the highest standard.

Make a name for Pakistan

In this era, where majority of foreign companies are glorified and most local brands deemed untrustworthy. We are hoping to build a brand strong enough that can rival biggest personal care companies in the world. Even though, a tough ask, we believe internet is powerful and along with your help, we will get there. 



Make Friends not Customers

‘All lasting business is built on friendship’. 

This quote by Mr. Alfred A. Montapret is held in high regard at The Pure Bottle. We see people who buy from us not as just mere customers, instead, we perceive every single person who reaches out as a friend. We are aiming to build an organisation on which you guys can easily rely on and know that if things don't go as expected, we are always here for you!