Our Goal

If you're a Pakistani, we are certain you have come across this phrase atleast once in your life. Unfortunately, we got to hear this again and again, people used this line to justify their wrongdoings, specially in the natural products space. Which made a lot of us turn to Foreign brands instead of Local ones. This built up a burning desire in us to come up with something one day that Pakistani's can proudly say "Yahan ka hai tu, acha hi hoga" Hence, The Pure Bottle was born.

However, a few months into this space, we realised that now there an increasing number of brands doing a much better job than we are & things are not as gloomy as they used to be (hip hip hurrayy) Lets hope and pray that this trend continues & together we can come up with a natural products' brand that can represent us on an international level, and we can proudly say, " ye tu Pakistan ka brand hai"