Jojoba Oil

Looking for a natural cure for dry skin and Chapped lips? You're at the right place! Allow us to introduce you to all natural, Jojoba oil!

Dry Skin Buster

Jojoba oil is a great stand-alone  moisturizer. You can use it on your face as well as on your body. It contains no chemicals that lead to an allergic reaction.

Cures Chapped Lips  

Cracked Flaky lips feels weird & is equally embarrassing. Jojoba provides a simple, natural way restore to moisture to your lips so they become smoother and softer. 

Non Sticky.
Non Greasy,

Feeling super sticky and gross after applying a moisturizer is the worst. Unlike most oils, Jojoba quickly gets absorbed into my skin without making your skin greasy.

If used more than specfied quantity, it will cause little greasiness

It is Golden

Our Jojoba is pure , first-press and unrefined. In addition to that it is certified organic jojoba and also pesticide free.

Pure Jojoba Oil has bright golden color, whereas processed is clear and transparent

Our Supplier

Our supplier in US works directly with farms and processors to make sure you have the highest quality jojoba

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  Jojoba 10 ml        Jojoba 30 ml

200 Drops*            600 Drops*

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