Argan Oil can be used as a skin moisturizer as a result of its high fatty acid & Vitamin E contents. The minerals can not only hydrate but leave you with a smoother and softer skin. Its rapid absorption rate and non greasy nature makes it an ideal natural moisturizer. It can easily replace your body lotion / cream and act as a full body moisturizer. The best results can be achieved applying it right after shower.


Argan oil can restore the elasticity of your skin due to presence of Vitamins E and antioxidants, leaving you with a softer sensation and a youthful look. The anti-oxidants present in Argan Oil can help repair damaged skin cells. It fights the toxins, wrinkles and assists in skin cell regeneration.


Argan oil’s softening properties are ideal for brittle nails, dry hands and feet.  It is highly beneficial on your nails and cuticles in particular.It has the ability to transform your nails and leave them healthy & strong. The hard skin on our feet can also be treated through regular application of Argan Oil.


Applying argan oil on your hair while they are slightly wet or just at the roots when they are dry can give you an additional shine and add life to those dry hair.


The sore and cracked lips can be very agitating, particularly in winters. The moisturizing abilities of Argan Oil can help you get rid of chapped lips once and for all. 


If you have done all kinds of torture to your hair in the hope of getting a perfect look, now is chance to undo the damage. No need to worry about those brittle rough hair anymore.


Argan Oil is not just used for basic skin care routines. People suffering from various conditions such as eczema have experienced its benefits. The essential nutrients in argan oil are excellent for rehabilitating damaged skin, preventing additional irritation and dryness. A gentle massage with a small quantity of Argan Oil on the affected area may provide relief and encourage healing.