On a Mission

The Pure Bottle - About Us

What we do

The Pure Bottle is created to lay a strong foundation and uplift the standards of natural body care essentials in Pakistan. We bring an honest and informative approach to the industry. We believe it is our duty to educate our customers and ensure they are making informed decisions. Argan Oil is our the first step towards achieving the goal. "Why only one product?”. We want to do things small and do it right. By introducing one product at a time we are ensuring the highest standards are maintained.

 What we don't do

Fake Promises and False Expectations. We believe that openness and honesty leads to trust and faith. Integrity and openness are a big part of what differentiates "The Pure Bottle" from most other brands in the Industry. It allows us to accomplish much more than we would be able to otherwise.

 Our Mission

We might be a small organization, but we embody some very bold beliefs. We aspire to create a brand strong enough that Pakistani people can pride themselves upon. We are on a journey to provide our consumers with nourishing personal care items free from.

Our Values

At the Pure Bottle, we are ensuring quality doesn’t come at the expense of human suffering or animal brutality. Our Argan Oil only comes from ethical sources in Morocco who treat their Berber-women employees well, and pay them well. That way, the women can support and seek better living standards for themselves and their family.