About Us

Heyyy! Thanks for stopping by, read on to learn more about us and what led to "The Pure Bottle" 💁

We are a team of ambitious & young Pakistanis who started "The Pure Bottle" from a house in Karachi. We had always been passionate about online shopping, browsing products mindlessly over the internet & never getting bored of it (oops) 🙈 However, there was one thing that always bothered us about shopping over the internet, unreliability! Before we bought something online we were always like;

  • Can we trust these guys?
  • What if the product wasn't as described?
  • Will they be there to help me out if things went wrong? 

However, despite our fears we used to gamble & trick ourselves into thinking, things will turnout fine and voila! When the product arrived, it wasn't as the one we saw in the picture (facepalm).

This is the exact problem we have set out to address we aspire to create a brand that our people can trust and rely upon. Integrity and openness are a big part of what differentiates us from most other brands out there. We want our people to know that they can expect no less than A class service and if things don't turn out as expected we will always be there to help you out, that's a promise! 

Now you maybe thinking why did we specifically choose to personal care industry. Back when we had set our sight over the e-commerce industry in Pakistan, there was aura around most Pakistani personal care brands, if it's local then it must be of inferior quality. We had a hard time digesting this opinion & wanted to make sure that there is a brand in Pakistan that can rival some of the biggest personal care companies in the world *Pakistan Zindabad* 🙋👊

Our dedication towards superior customer service doesn't affect the quality the quality of our products. We believe, in the world of social media, no business can survive unless they have the best quality products!

We are proud to say that our products are 

✔ 100% Organic
✔ 100% Pure
✔ Fragrance Free
✔ Preservative free  
✔ Chemical Free    
✔ Not Diluted 

That's not it at The Pure Bottle, we are ensuring quality doesn’t come at the expense of human suffering or animal brutality. Our Argan oil comes from ethical sources in Morocco who treat their Berber-women employees well, and pay them well. That way, the women can support and seek better living standards for themselves and their family.