How to use Argan Oil for Acne

Skin care and medical experts are on both sides of the divide with some swearing to the effectiveness of argan oil for treatment of acne pimples and scars and others not overly convinced by it. This is however not surprising as there is no single acne treatment option that works universally for all patients and cases. However,the overall opinion regarding the use of Argan oil for this purpose and is generally positive. With that said, here is a step-by-step outline of how to use Argan oil for acne treatment:

Itis vitalthat you do a patch test for any new product that you use on your face, especially if you are prone to acne. Always do a patch test on your skin in an innocuous place, for example behind your ear or at the nape of your neck, before you start using argan oil extensively. If you feel any irritation or see any redness, discontinue using argan oil immediately! Once you feel it is safe to use argan oil. Put a drop of argan oil on your cheek and gently massage. Repeat the same for three days. Stop and check for a week for any unusual signs like whiteheads, blackheads or pimples.

Step 1: Start by washing your hands properly with mild water to ensure that they are clean.

Step 2: Cleanse your face with a mild cleanser. Do not use anything clarifying that will strip your face of its natural oils. Doing so only tells your skin to produce more oil and this is what you want to avoid.

Step 3: Pat your face dry with a clean terry towel. You want to leave your face ever so slightly damp.

Step 4: Place the drops into the palm of your hand and spread it well before massaging it in a gentle circular motion on your face. NOTE: It is preferred to not massage argan oil if you have a process of acne, you could expand the acne to healthy areas, so you can always apply in taps. Argan oil will absorb quicker than most other oils even with taps.

Start Small! It is better to gradually include argan oil in your skin care routine, even a single drop is enough in the beginning to test and see if your skin is comfortable with the oil.

Once you feel it is safe you can increase the quantity to two drops. Some people report clear skin after a few weeks of use but for others it may take up to two months to have a noticeable difference in skin texture. In fact, most natural treatments experts recommend using Argan Oil for acne treatment for 2 months at the very least for best results. We highly recommend to record your progress overtime. Take pictures under same type of lighting and similar pose to see how effective argan oil has been for you.


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