5 things Pakistanis should avoid for a better skin

1) Sugar

Sugar Biscuits avoid to see improved skin

Yes! You read that right. We feel it too. Our feelings shattered just like that piece of cake above. No matter how delightful that melting chocolaty syrup tastes, the bad news is sugary foods can trigger inflammation, leading to adverse consequences for your skin. Such as premature aging. Since sugar has the capacity to damage the collagen in our skin it can aid in wrinkle development and loss of elasticity.

But hey, it doesn't mean rest of your needs to be gloom & doom, consider switching to fruits that are rich in antioxidants, its not easy we know but once you go off we assure you'll love that clean feeling.

2) Poor quality care products 


This is a no-brainer. but we thought it might serve as a good reminder. Unfortunately, we live in a time where profits are preferred over basic ethics, even if it means adding a few harmful substances your skin-care cream. We at "The Pure Bottle" have taken it upon ourselves to fight this cruel culture and introduce personal care items in Pakistan the way they should be. We are starting off by introducing 100% Pure Argan Oil in Pakistan. If you have some extra seconds do give us a visit.    

3) A long hot shower

Sun hot shower

Ahhh, don't we just love those steamy hot relaxing showers? However, staying in there for too long might not turn out too pleasant for your skin. Your skin is made up of three layers subcutis ,dermis and epidermis. The outer most layer, epidermis, protects our skin from the environment and helps our body retain most of that moisture. Unfortunately, extended time in the shower will drain most of the moisture in your skin, leading to dry and itchy feeling. Instead of raging hot switch to lukewarm showers.

So, If you start feeling itchy or red, its time to stop thinking about that intense interview you will give when you become famous, head out asap! 

4) Sodium

Snacks sodium chips bad for skin

Although, Sodium is a key nutrient in our everyday diet, too much sodium can take away that glow from your skin. Water retention from sodium can leave your face puffy & bloated. It could even cause puffiness around your eyes. These effects are more apparent in middle or old age.

5) Comparison

Comparing ourselves over things that we can do nothing about is just absurd, for instance obsessing over fair skin. Our obsession with "Gora Rang" has only helped businesses in filling up their fortunes. This unfair Comparison, sometimes lead to uninvited stress which has some severe ramifications on your body. Its about time we understood beauty is much more than having a fair skin. Always aim for self perfection over heedless comparison. Be happy with the skin you are in! its the only one you get. 

Don't worry we will stop ranting now & allow "Malcolm X" to teach us a much needed lesson. 

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