Heroes behind our brand

A little History

For centuries, Berber women – an ethnic group living in North Africa have undertaken the tedious work of extracting Argan Oil. Amidst the archaic years, Argan Oil was extracted to meet the nominal native demand.

A surge in global demand for the oil brought social and economic opportunities for the Berber community, particularly its female inhabitants. However, lack of education and social awareness left Berber women at a risk of corporate exploitation.

Cooperatives were set up to protect women rights

Women run Cooperatives were set up by learned Moroccan’s in late ninety’s, to protect the rights of women from underprivileged background and help them attain financial empowerment. Cooperatives did the task of Extracting Argan Oil in an ethical and sustainable manner. 

A steady income through cooperatives allows the ladies financial freedom and independence amidst a male dominated society. It provides women with better health care facilities, sustainable working conditions and basic education. Since illiteracy is still prevalent among rural women in Morocco, an effort to improve both economic and educational status of Berber women is a high priority of the cooperatives. A proportion of profit earned by the co-operatives is invested in educating women, improving their literacy skills and awareness on hygienic practices.    


Our role

Our Argan Oil is sourced from one such cooperative which is pursuing improvement in everyday lives of the Berber women. Oil prepared in the cooperatives is 100% pure, natural, organic and preservative free. Cooperatives not only ensure highest quality but they are keen to implement, sustain and conserve the natural resources and protect the Moroccan heritage.

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