Cheap Argan Oil? Think again!

A significant difference in the price of Argan Oil can leave a lot of us scratching our heads. It is not surprising to see a brand selling 30 ml bottle for a 400 rs while another brand selling the same quantity for 2000 rs. Lets put an end to this myth and learn why cheap argan oil may not be your best bet.

A scarce resource

Argan Oil is a scarce resource, native to Morocco. Majority of Argan trees are grown in south western deserts of Morocco. A rapid increase in demand over the last few years has sky rocketed the price of Argan Oil, so much so that the supply needed to match the demand has been lacking far behind. 

Semi South Western Desert of Morocco 

Analyzing the costs involved

In addition to its rarity, Argan Oil's extraction is highly labor intensive. It could take up to 8 hours in extracting just one liter of Argan Oil. This process is primarily undertaken by Berber Women of Morocco. Our Argan Oil comes once such cooperative that plays an active role in improving the lifestyle of these women.

Moving on...Adding import duties, transportation, packaging and other business overheads to an already rising employee costs makes it one of the most expensive resource to obtain. So accounting for all these costs, a cheap bottle of Argan Oil doesn't really add up. 

Other factors

Although, price is crucial, judging the bottle's authenticity solely on price might not be a smart idea either. You might just be paying for elaborate marketing and extravagant packaging. You may need to consider other factors such as smell, date of expiry, texture, bottle color and the country of origin to be absolutely sure about your decision.. 

We have that covered for you as well, Right here!

What to do now?

A cheap 100 ml bottle for 1500-2000 rs might be too tempting, but honestly, you might be better off investing your money elsewhere than buying low grade Argan Oil. If you plan on getting a bottle for yourself, always try to source it from reliable suppliers that are open about their products. If you want try our Argan Oil, you can get it by clicking on the button below.

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