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What can Argan Oil do for your Hair?

Repairs dry & damaged hair  If you have done all kinds of torture to your hair in the hope of getting a perfect look, now is chance to undo the damage. No need to worry about those brittle rough hair anymore. Calms frizzy hair and split ends A few drops of argan oil will make your hair soft and tame those frizzy ends. As a bonus it will also leave you with some extra shine. Helps with hair styling Argan Oil can come in handy if you want to style your hair at the last moment. Not only will it tame those baby hair but also add a bit of shine.  Protects hair from heat Unfortunately exposing your hair to sun for extended periods can be...

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Cheap Argan Oil? Think again!

A significant difference in the price of Argan Oil can leave a lot of us scratching our heads. It is not surprising to see a brand selling 30 ml bottle for a 400 rs while another brand selling the same quantity for 2000 rs. Lets put an end to this myth and learn why cheap argan oil may not be your best bet. A scarce resource Argan Oil is a scarce resource, native to Morocco. Majority of Argan trees are grown in south western deserts of Morocco. A rapid increase in demand over the last few years has sky rocketed the price of Argan Oil, so much so that the supply needed to match the demand has been lacking far behind.    Analyzing the costs...

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7 reasons why you should start using Argan Oil

For centuries Moroccans have utilized Argan oil for whole-body nourishment. It can be used on your face, dry feet and even split ends. Due to its several benefits, It has become widely popular amongst several celebrities. So lets explore what Argan Oil can really do.  1. Skin moisturizer Argan Oil can be used as a skin moisturizer as a result of its high fatty acid & Vitamin E contents. The minerals can not only hydrate but leave you with a smoother and softer skin. Its rapid absorption rate and non greasy nature makes it an ideal natural moisturizer. It can easily replace your body lotion / cream and act as a full body moisturizer. The best results can be achieved applying it right after shower....

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History of Argan Oil

Argan Oil is a plant oil produced from the kernels of the argan tree. The Argan fruit is round, oval, or conical in shape and a thick peel covers a fleshy pulp and it is used for several purposes such as for cosmetic purposes, for nutritive purposes and so on. Argan oil is a rare and precious commodity. Native to Morocco, argan oil is grown in the semi-desert area of south western Morocco. The Argan tree is believed to have originated in a village named Argana, which lay to the north east of the Moroccan city of Agadir.  It had been used by Moroccans to beautify and heal themselves since the Archaic times. After 3,500 years, the Berber women of Southern Morocco are still...

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