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Why The Pure Bottle's Argan Oil?


100% Pure and Organic

We are committed to providing our customers with only the highest grade Argan Oil. In fact, it is the primary reason why we are in Argan Oil business. While many companies out there are making dubious claims, we have facts to back up our statement. Why we are so sure our Argan Oil is Pure.

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Supporting a Worthy Cause

We Source our Argan Oil from Suppliers that not only adequately compensate the hard work of Berber women, but are also actively playing a vital role in improving their lifestyle. 

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Straight from the Source

Argan trees are endemic to Morocco. Rise in popularity of Argan Oil has seen suppliers from all around the world jump on the Argan bandwagon. You can easily get cheap and low grade Argan Oil from countries other then Morocco.  We have ensured that not only it is sourced from Morocco but from the most optimal and ethical sources. 

On a Mission

A proud Pakistani startup, The Pure Bottle, is created to uplift the standards of natural personal care items in Pakistan. Most artificial care products are proving to be ineffective while majority of natural products available are not completely Pure. This is where we come in to fill the void.

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